Wed, 15 May. 42.39.00N 09.33.53W

David Batten
Wed 15 May 2013 09:42
Forgot to say we saw 2 whales yesterday, as well as a big family of dolphins, very exciting. Not sure who was entertaining who with the dolphins. This morning brings sunshine, with Cape Finisterre on the beam and the wind from behind us. Genoa is boomed out help control the roll and we are making good speed.

Cottage pie last night was really good and the cake delicious, thank you Jo. More wind coming later today, but should be from a good direction. We will be out of range for a while as the Spanish coast curves away from our course. Crew morale is holding up well, with everyone very keen to do their jobs and out do each other with the fastest log reading on their watch, David winning at the moment with 12.8. Nothing competitive about this family! Jane says 10 knots average over a watch is better anyway.

From Alcedo.

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