Martinique. 26 November 2015. 14.29.28N 61.04.96W

David Batten
Sat 28 Nov 2015 16:24
After all the rain we had while in Indian River, the skies cleared and we had a lovely afternoon in Dominica, catching up on some washing and then a walk ashore followed by a swim back to the boat and
6 o’clocks drinks in the cockpit with the sun setting.  Perfect
The Skipper and the Ship’s Boy on the PAYS smart new pontoon.
The road into Portsmouth from the PAYS pontoon.
A better photograph of the Purple Throated Caribe taken from the beach
Dominica in the evening light.
25 November.  06.30 and we motor out of Prince Rupert Bay and set off down the coast of Dominica towards Martinique.  All very peaceful, sunny and warm with not much wind until we clear the Island and then a cracking sail at 7 to 9 knots just off the wind until we get into the more variable winds off Martinique.  Then we have lots of boating activity, fishing pots and fish farms and wind on the nose as we motor into Fort de France.  Not a pretty place from the sea, whatever the cruising guide might say, with a huge cruise ship in port just by the anchorage off the Fort and ferries ploughing to and fro making the anchorage rather rough.  However, we are safely attached to the sea bed, the cruise ship leaves at dusk and the ferries stop at night.  Tomorrow is the market and finding a soda stream, as this is the only place in the Caribbean that sells them.
26 November.   In town before 08.30 and at the chandlers to clear customs as is the form in the French Caribbean Islands.  Then a search for a cafe with Wifi, which we have been unable to find in Dominica.  Not easy here either and eventually we settle in one that claims free Wifi, but fails to deliver when it comes to asking for the password.  Luckily, we are next door to McDonalds, so Skipper beetles over there, buys one orange juice and obtains Wifi for all.  Very satisfactory!  Then a taxi ride to the top of town, where we find Caraibes, an up market kitchen appliance shop, which like the rest of Fort de France, was having a face lift.  A charming French Madame sold us a soda stream and 3 cylinders, which we hope will provide fizzy water all the way across the Pacific.  A very generous present from the Ship’s Boy to the boat, for which ‘Mercie Beaucoup’.  Then it was back to the market for more avocados, gorgeous big ones that you can’t get in England and curry powder and local honey.  Then a very French lunch that took forever to come but was excellent.  Back to the boat and a short sail, genoa only, to Anse D’Arlet, a very pretty bay with lovely snorkelling over a group of rocks in the north side of the anchorage, very much enjoyed by the Ship’s Boy and hopefully providing a small window of real pleasure as did Dominica to set against the hard work delivery trip.
The Ship’s Boy happy to be doing some relaxing cruising activities after the long delivery trip
The anchorage at Anse D’Arlet, a perfect evening for a walk and a swim back to the boat, dinghy in tow
Tomorrow is the final leg of our trip from Chesapeake back to St Lucia, only some 25 miles, so we should be there in good time to clear customs and start organising the final lay up before the great Pacific trip.