Thursday, 17.05.64N 41.27.62W

David Batten
Thu 5 Dec 2013 20:43
After many gybes to keep the boat going in the right direction, we had 6 hours of fairly consistent winds last night and we ticked off the 1200 mile mark.

This morning, it was back to light and variable and any bodies guess as to which gybe to choose. Jane was nearly driven insane on her watch, so we decided to experiment with twin headsails, another first for Alcedo. 2 hours later and after playing with several hundred feet of sundry bits of string, one genoa is out on the pole and another out on the boom. We are hoping it will be quicker next time! Anyway, no one has had to touch a rope since, so although we are going a bit slower, we have avoided a general sense of humour failure and the crew are no longer verging on nervous breakdowns.

More books have been read today and showers all round is the order of the day after wrestling with the sails on the hottest day to date. Time for social half hour now, so signing off.


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