Blog 37. At sea, 14.03S 144.02W

David Batten
Tue 12 Apr 2016 03:44
Monday evening and 150 nm from Fakarava, with the iron topsail on and all the canvas we can carry at this point of sail up, hoping that we can get to the Island in time to enter the pass at sack water at about 15.38 tomorrow. We have spent a few hours researching the tides and reassuringly most of the sources seem to agree that low tide is about 16.00, with sack water just before.

This has been a light weather passage with some cracking good sailing in the E or ENE winds, but slow progress with the NE winds. The GRIB files show less wind from now on so we are racing against time with sails up and motor on. So far we have set and unset the pole several times including in the middle of the night, making sure of using every breath of wind, but Alcedo does not have a good wardrobe for light, downwind sailing and it has been a bit of a struggle with big seas and inconsistent winds. We maybe should used the motor more in the early part of the passage as we still have 150 miles to go.

> We have failed to catch a fish today, but the Ship's Boy has made the most realistic looking lure, so we are sure to catch one soon!

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