On Course For the Canaries

David Batten
Thu 13 Jun 2013 08:36
On passage 33'10.81 N . 09'05.04 W

After further consultation on stores, another successful expedition was made to the market in Rabat. Maybe it is because we are early in the year, but the vegetables are plentiful, good quality and good value, providing you avoid the occasional seller, usually the old men, who will try and fleece you. We also managed to buy a lovely wooden bowl and some oval wood dishes from a delightful young Moroccan, who explained why we were having problems with communicating in French. 80%of the local population don't speak French and don't want to learn.

We planned to depart on a rising tide at about 3.30, but thanks to the sniffer dog refusing to jump up onto our rather high top sides and the immigration office failing to have the correct exit stamp in spite of plenty of warning, we left the Marina with our escort boat at about 4.00pm. Even so, we did not put the keel down until we were over the bar and the lifting keel is proving more of an asset that we imagined. After a bumpy start and some fast broad reaching, we are now on course for the Canaries under cloudy skies but with a fair wind, making good progress. The crew have not quite established their sea faring routines and Anthony was unlucky enough to suffer from mal de mer last night, but the sun should be shinning for the 12 noon social half hour and the wind is aft of the beam, so we cannot ask for more.

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