Reflections of a Yachtsman's Wife

David Batten
Sun 8 Mar 2015 21:56
On a mooring buoy off Charlestown in Nevis, as another squall obscures the view and hurls rain at the hatches, the Skipper's wife is contemplating the not so idyllic part of life on a yacht.

It's February in the Caribbean
A lovely place for sure,
Where Murphy's Law is yachting god
And yachtsmen love to bore.

Their wives alas are not so keen
They know they're in for trouble
The weather can be awfully mean
And the boat's still in a muddle

We had a pretty varied sail
With progress fast and slow
Force 3 to 7 on Beaufort scale
And 10 knots in the blows

Arriving in a squally blast
Port engine starts to hiss
The water cooling's broken down
The buoy we're bound to miss

Third time around we get the buoy
With much ado and cursing
It's raining cats and dogs and blowing hard
And darkness is a coming

The engine is in many bits,
All spread around the heads
The water maker isn't fixed
And it's raining on the beds

The skipper's mobile phone is lost
The crew was missing cash
The iPad charger's gone astray
The heads are smelling naff

The washing was all round the boat
In a perfect drying breeze
When a gust sprang up and grabbed some shirts
And threw them out to sea

It's raining cats and dogs again tonight
We were to dine ashore
But it's a dinghy landing on the beach
And getting there's a chore

So back to dealing with the stove
A cussid minded beast
It will not light without a fuss
But can produce a feast

The Islands are quite stunning
We love to get to know them
But the sailing is different game
And the weather not as in the brochure!

Alcedo's 1st mate, reluctant cook, OCD cleaner and blogger

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