The Pitons et al. 13.49.25N 61.03.96W

David Batten
Thu 20 Feb 2014 23:11
Wednesday 12/02/2014.  After a squally motor round the corner during which the cockpit awning detached itself from the spray hood, we picked up a buoy with the usual help from one of the boat boys and settled down to enjoy the view in somewhat gusty, but sunny conditions. 
The buoy was not far from one of the better snorkelling areas, which was much enjoyed by all but did involve a bit of an adventure getting back onto Terra Firma for the older and the less practiced members of the crew.  Pm we landed at the Jalousie Plantation Resort pontoon and walked up the hill and round their “rainforest walk”.  The staff are all incredibly polite and didn’t mind 4 slightly disreputable strangers walking around the resort.
The Jalousie Plantation Resort
During supper, the cockpit awning once again detached itself, rather more seriously for one of the zips and in the process, knocked the Skipper’s glass of wine for six, covering his wife and mother and the cockpit table with red wine.  A wash down for all concern and a repair job for the morning!
The Skipper Mending the Cockpit Shade
The Skipper at work on the cockpit awning.
Thursday 13/02/2014.  After the Skipper and his wife patched up the cockpit awning in the lovely morning sunshine, a perfect snorkelling expedition for everyone was achieved by landing at the Jalousie pontoon and snorkelling in the protected area below Petit Piton.  Then we had a rather disastrous afternoon with Sue getting a nasty boat bite on her wrist when it got caught by a swell between the dinghy and the stern of the boat and then Kate fell into the water when getting out of the dinghy onto the back of a tourist cat to go ashore and lost a shoe in the process.  The swell is a bit of a problem for the unwary.  Happily, we managed to bandage the wrist wound, find the shoe and Kate borrowed a towel from the Resort while the rest of the crew walked up the hill.   The Pitons do provide the most stunning backdrop for an anchorage and we were lucky in that conditions were relatively fair and buoys readily available.
Petit Piton from the South   Gros Piton from the North
Petit Piton and Gros Piton in the evening light.
A Lovely Sunset to end a Lovely Day
A lovely sunset to end a lovely, if eventful, day.
On Friday we headed back to the North, stopping at Marigot Bay and then Rodney Bay for one night each before returning to Rodney Bay Marina where our guests departed for the airport and flight back to England and we set too, cleaning and restocking the boat ready for departure from St Lucia to the Grenadines.