Alcedo Blog, 3rd and 4th July, Rubicon Marina. 2013, 28.44.18N 13.49.46Wn

David Batten
Sat 6 Jul 2013 14:33
The wind did die down early morning, so we left the boat and explored Isla de Lobos and took the photograph shown below. Lovely, peaceful place, particularly before the first ferry arrives, with an interesting history and striking rock formation and vegetation.

As the wind started to increase, we upped anchor and had a pleasant fetch to Rubicon via the east coast of the island. With many off lying rocks, it is definitely a fair weather destination but a memorable and beautiful place.

We anchored off the marina entrance for the rest of the day and night and the tan improved considerably. Today, we are back in the marina and moored without incident thanks to some clever manipulations with the engines by the skipper, so we can prepare the boat for the next guests, arriving Monday and continue with the maintenance. We will also see if we can get some more photographs on the blog now we have a good WiFi connection on the boat.


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