Log 4a. North of Noordpunt, Curacoa. 12.59.42N 69.09.01W

David Batten
Tue 19 Jan 2016 12:04
Tuesday, 12/01/2016.  Yesterday provided reasonable sailing, with just enough wind to keep going on either gybe with lots of help from the current.  We checked the position and fixation of the pole to the mast with every gybs and more inventive re-enforcement was applied to it before setting up pole and genoa again.   We managed to keep the sails goose winged all night and are now chasing Wishanger II who has come back into view.  The wind today is 15 to 18 knots from the ESE/SE, so we are bowling along in near perfect conditions on the best gybe for once, with everyone very happy to hand steer and try to catch up with Wishanger II.  Wishanger is of course, quite safe from such informal competition and is gradually sailing away from us but it has given us something to concentrate on which is good for our course and the pole to mast attachment is still functional.
On a less happy, the Ship’s Boy is feeling very hard done by because we actually had a fish on the line this morning.  Not the biggest fish ever but a decent size and we all saw it as it was being pulled in.  Just as it was coming near to the boat, it disappeared, leaving the lure intact and the crew severely disappointed.  All very worried now as the Ship’s Boy is threatening not to cook supper unless we can provide fresh fish. We will clearly be needing the fishing seminar that was suggested on the radio net last night in or we might be subjected to short rations.  This would be a pity, as we have been enjoying top class catering, with Jane, the lunch time chef producing wonderful salads with great dressings, while the Ship’s Boy has produced delicious suppers, all made with fresh provisions.  The rest of the crew have been checking the bilges and the rigging and we have all enjoyed a shower and time off for reading and blogging.
Having reported our very minor problems, we are very sorry to hear about Take Off’s much more major ones and wish her all the best and fair winds and a safe arrival in Santa Marta.