Tobago Cays, Thursday, 3/04/2014. 12.37.93N 61.21.44W

David Batten
Sat 19 Apr 2014 19:56
Wednesday, 02/04/2014.  Tobago Cays at last.  Cloudy, but the wind much more moderate and after a short passage to windward under motor, we anchored in the main area between Petit Bateau, Baradel and Jamesby,  Far fewer yachts than last time we were in the Cays and much calmer, lovely.  After blowing up the Kayak we snorkelled off Baradel with the Turtles and a ray and then walked over the Island admiring the Iguanas and birds.  Anthony and Skipper’s wife both keen to take cameras with them tomorrow morning. 
Venetia and Tessa blowing up the Kayak   The Laughing Gulls enjoying a rest on the dinghy
Tessa and Venetia inflating the Kayak and some Laughing Gulls enjoying a siesta on the dinghy after a bread lunch.
Then it was a dinghy trip to the reef to see some very big fish but also, alas, some very dead coral.  After lunch (and a little alcoholic refreshment) and short siesta, we snorkelled off Petit Bateau where the Skipper’s wife saw a huge Southern Stingray digging in the coral and sand, sadly no Spotted Rays today, but there was a very nice turtle.  We then walked across the island to the Cut to watch the crayfish being murdered for the evening barbecue.  A real brochure day and Anthony is fully prepped for the next crayfish supper on the boat.
Alcedo anchored in the middle of the Cays    Anthony walking round the laughing gulls on Petit Rameau
Alcedo anchored in Tobago Cays with Baradel in the background and Anthony walking round the Laughing Gulls in the evening on Petit Bateau.
The crew on Petit Bateau for the evening walk   Iguana on Petit Bateau, evening
The Skipper and guests on the beach by the Cut between Petit Bateau and Petit Rameau and an Iguana enjoying the last of the evening sun on Petit Bateau.
Thursday, 03/04/2014.  After rain during the night, the clouds cleared and we were visited by a pair of Grackles requesting breakfast. 
Breakfast for the Grackles    Alcedo from Baradel
We have a visit from a pair of Grackles who eventually take bread from Anthony’s hand and a lovely view of Alcedo from Baradel.
After breakfast, while the Skipper and Venetia supervised the water maker, Anthony, Tessa and the Skipper’s wife explored Baradel with cameras.  Anthony was particularly keen to find a snake, but it was birds and Iguanas only, followed by more swimming with the lovely turtles after the Skipper and Venetia joined them with the Kayak.
     Tessa and Anthony, morning walk on Baradel   Iguana on Baradel
Tessa and Anthony looking for Iguanas on Baradel and one of the many we saw basking in the sun in amongst the trees.
We then went to snorkel off a different part of the reef, sadly also pretty dead but with large numbers of Parrot Fish and Blue Tangs.  Then another epic rum punch and lunch, followed by siesta and a dinghy ride to Jamesby to snorkel off the windward side of the Island.  The coral was not so dead and there were plenty of fish and another turtle.  Also, one huge Southern Stingray, which we pursued in the dinghy so Antony could see it.  One happy Anthony and one disgruntled stingray!  After a dinghy ride round Baradel, we settled for no more swimming, but showers and sun downers.  A very lovely day.
The forecast if for rising winds again and so we plan to leave tomorrow, with shopping and clearing customs in Clifton then a stop at Palm and/or Sandy Island and possibly Tyrrel Bay for the night depending on the weather.