Fw: Continuing Images of Cuba

David Batten
Mon 4 May 2015 17:04
The drive to Baracoa with a map book we borrowed off the son of the lovely Cuban family we had supper with was not the best, but a great deal better than nothing.  We managed to find our way out of Holguin going towards Santiago de Cuba, but found ourselves swept into Santiago without meaning to be.  Eventually, we found a very small tarmac road which took us towards Guantanimo and Baracoa and then joined a very good road to Guantanimo, so much better than any other, possibly something to do with the American presence in Guantanimo Bay which is, of course, a strictly no go area.
visasmallFarming in Cubadavid
Ploughing the hard way, on the way to Guantanimo
visasmallInland Cuba on the way to Guantanamodavid
A view of inland Cuba on the way to Guantanimo.
visasmallGuantanama Bay, about as close as you can getdavid
Guantanamo Bay, about as close as we got to the bay.
visasmallFamous or perhaps infamous, Guantanamodavid
Well, you know when you have got there!
visasmallStatue in the main square, Guantanimodavid
The main square, Guantanamo.....
.....Which has some lovely buildings and....
visasmallStreet Scene, Easter Sunday, Guantanimodavid
....a big street party on Easter Sunday, including hog roasts and temporary street side restaurants.
visasmallView from our room in Villa Lupa, Guantanimodavid
The view from our room in Villa Lupe, according to Lonely Planet the best place to stay in or around Guantanimo.  It would have been better if they were not having a huge and noisy party around the swimming pool to celebrate Easter Sunday.
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