Motorhome Blog 2.

David Batten
Wed 7 Mar 2018 06:15
After a lovely drive around Lake Maratai and LakeTaupo, the road crosses the Rangipo Desert, which is an army training and no go area and then goes through less impressive country and on to Wellington. We failed to read about Mount Victoria Tunnel before driving through, it so could not understand why so many cars were hooting at us. As Driver 2 was at the wheel, things became quite stressed as there was nothing to do except drive on and look at Wikipedia when parked. Interested parties can look it up. After a night in the marina car park, where we joined Motorhome city ‘cos it’s free and has a public toilet, we left early to catch the 09.00 ferry to Picton and with the weather good enough to be outdoors, had a good view of the entrance to the Tory Channel leading to Queen Charlotte Sound.

JPEG image

Just after entering the Tory Channel.

After a good lunch, a good walk and a much needed good night in Picton, we embarked on a visit to Motuara Island, a bird sanctuary, similar to but not in the same league as Tiritiri. This did give us an excellent trip delivering mail to various coves in Queen Charlotte Sound, a chance to see Captain Cook’s Cove and some idea of what is involved with the Queen Charlotte Walking Track. We are not going to do it.

JPEG image

View from Motuara look out.

JPEG image

Coming back towards Picton in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Tomorrow, we are going to head south down the SH1 as it is open. The weather forecast is not good, with rain and high winds and if we were on Alcedo, we would probably stay put, but we do want to see as much as possible and there is no question of being sea sick.

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