Alcedo Bog, 17/06/2013, 29.13.084N 13.31.73W

David Batten
Mon 17 Jun 2013 17:57
Playa Francesa has provided us with a lovely, if somewhat windy anchorage while we explored Isla Graciosa and it is clearly low season with the most crowded night being last night, when we were joined by two other boats. We have not been challenged by any patrol boats, although we saw one in Caleto del Sabo, the small harbour which obviously provides excellent shelter but would not accommodate Alcedo even with the keel up. The harbour was also quite full, even though the village had many empty houses/holiday apartments, so pre booking would be essential.

Anthony walked all the hills/volcanoes yesterday while the rest of the crew did some boat maintenance and special thanks to Venetia for her repairs to the stack pack in very cold conditions. Alas, the tanning has had to be put on hold as it was 10/10 cloud with a chilly wind and none of the crew has ventured into the water yet. Today has brought more wind and some sun while we all walked across the island and then back to Caleto del Sablo for an excellent fish lunch at the restaurant on the key. We have seen hoopoe, stone curlew, Berthelot's pipit, southern grey shrike and trumpeter finch, so the twitchers in the crew are very happy.

Tomorrow we must leave this lovely place and head for Puerto Calero as sadly Anthony and Venetia will be leaving us on Wednesday.


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