New Zealand Blog 3, Sun 29 Jan 36.28.39S 174.47.58E

David Batten
Sun 29 Jan 2017 05:01
Another lovely sunny, bikini day once we anchored off Moturekareka Island in Shipwreck Bay.  After a “gruelling” motor for approx 6 miles in light airs, we decided to stop for lunch and this seemed a popular spot.  We have decided that as the water is still not quite warm enough for swimming, or clear enough for snorkelling, we need to find anchorages with a symbol of a walking man and this is one of them.
Skipper preparing the kayak for a trip to shore
Looking West towards the mainland from the bay.
Preparing the Kayak took some time but we made it ashore eventually, and had a pleasant walk round the west side of the bay, up the hill and back to the head of the bay with its shipwreck.  An intentional one that was supposed to provide a breakwater for the bay, but unfortunately there was a navigational error resulting in a sinking right in the bay, achieving only a space occupying object of interest to swimmers and snorkelers.
The shipwreck in the bay.  As you can see, we have plenty of company!
Lady bay, just a very pretty bay of Kawau Island that should have gone in the last blog.
We have had an exceptionally lazy day today and have agreed to try and do better tomorrow!