Fw: Las Palmas, Friday 22 November

David Batten
Fri 22 Nov 2013 17:38
Wednesday.  Started day by making sure guest cabins were ready for crew arrival later today.  Then S to lecture on first aid while D continued with the ever long boat "to do" list.  Found the 8 litre water bottle pump in the Chinese quarter (at last) and then back to an excellent lecture on the night sky.  Third member of crew, David Gregg, from now onwards to be known as "Greggie" so he and David B do not get confused every time someone says David, arrived as planned in time for late lunch.  D and S then went to lecture on St Lucia and discovered best area for bird watching and what else to do when we get there.
After that, red letter day for S who went up the mast for the first time ever, only to top spreaders and it was very calm conditions, but a milestone nonetheless.  Lovely view and lots of photographs for evidence. 
Jane and Venetia arrived just in time for the sundowner and an excellent supper at the restaurant beyond the boat yard.  Both had come well prepared with boat spares and essential stores like coffee and chocolate, lots of both!
Thursday.  Up early to go out for a familiarisation and preparatory sail to make sure everything working properly, including the crew.  No wind and quite bumpy, so put all the sails up and down and returned to our berth with good timing so not in the way of the helicopter demonstration.  Lots of flares being let off as we entered the marina and happily lots of crew to help with the tying up.   After that, more boat duties and cleaning and shopping.  Sarah joined us for lunch and then painted the most lovely kingfisher on the wall behind the boat.
Then more shopping at the Hipo Dino and a great supper on board with all the crew and Sarah
Friday.  Market day, great fun for 4 of the crew while David B finished the rigging.  Now off to buy essential fittings for the water filter and hooks. 
In haste.

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