Sunday. 18 36.5 N. 31 06.3W

David Batten
Sun 1 Dec 2013 20:39
As I type this we have 1741 miles to go, which means we have done over 1000. A good boost to morale. Yesterday's squalls and torrential rain are things of the past and this morning the sun greeted us so the whole boat got an airing with oil skins draped all over the lifelines. The wind is light and firmly in the west but according to my mistress the Grib files, it should go northerly by midnight and then allow us to sail directly towards St Lucia.

For the first time we all had a social half hour in the cockpit at midday with the sun at long last succeeding to break through the clouds. We are now ever hopeful that we might be coming to the end of the head winds. No one ever suggested that we would have to beat most of the way and the girls are still wondering why they bought their bikinis as full oilskins have been the rig of the day.

We have had a whole series of domestic moments today, with cleaning and sweeping, inspecting the bilges, checking the rigging and sorting out the fuel supply to the starboard engine. This flurry of domestic activity was followed by much needed showers and all onboard are now feeling really good.

Jane is duty chef and preparing a mouth watering supper created by Hugo by remote control as we sail gently into the setting sun with Venus dead ahead and a red sky all around.

Goodnight from Alcedo

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