5 July 2015. Bristol and the 4 July. 41.40.10N 71.17.16W

David Batten
Tue 14 Jul 2015 23:44
We left Newport in good time on the 3 July to motor up the Narragansett Bay to Bristol Harbour Bay, so we could secure an anchoring spot somewhere near the dock used by Jill and John who were hosting the pot luck barbeque at Bristol that night.  After a pleasant motor up the bay, we arrived in good time and anchored next to Over Budget again, but this time with plenty of room and then waited for the rest of the rally to arrive.  Then it was prepare hors d’oeuvres and pick up Alia Vita’s crew, Rob and Frances on the way to Jill and John’s neighbours’ dock for the barbeque at Jill and John’s lovely riverside house.  A great evening with a chance to catch up with Gary and Greta from Norfolk and meet Lydia and Bill who live in Deltaville where we are planning to lay the boat up.  The evening was made by Julian from Domini, who gave us a rendering of his latest composition, “The OCC Rally Blues”.  Brilliant and very, very funny.  The weather cooperated as well and it was a gorgeous evening,  perfect for the fireworks display in the bay when we got back to the boat, enjoyed with Rob and Frances for company.
visasmallOver Budget anchored in the Bristol Rhode Island Baydavid 
Over Budget anchored in the Bristol, Rhode  Island Bay
visasmallJulian from Domini, our musical member singing the OCC Rally Blues, Bristol RI July 3david
  Julian giving us rendering of “The Ocean Cruising Club Rally Blues” at the Pot Luck Barbeque
visasmallView from John and Jill's Gardendavid
The View from Jill and John’ garden and....
 visasmallA lovely evening for the pot luck barbequedavid
                 ...a perfect evening for the barbeque. Jim, Rachel, Tony, Rob and Bill
July 4 and we all polled up at the Bristol Yacht Club for a thoroughly American breakfast, pancakes, maple syrup and bacon, followed by a walk to the town for the 4 July parade.  Not as entertaining as the Trinidad Carnival, but still impressive and great to have done once and Bristol is the town to do it in.  The evening’s entertainment was drinks on Lily, with perfect hosts, Ron and Ineke, not forgetting the cat, Boris.
visasmallPancakes for breakfast in the Yacht Cub, Rob, Frances and Daviddavid 
Pancakes in the Yacht Club with Rob and Francis before walking to Bristol and...
 visasmallA bit like waiting for the Harrod's sale to start, Bristol RI 4 Julydavid
       ...street scenes that looked like the start of the New Year sales outside Harrods
 visasmallSo we know what the parade is all aboutdavid
So this is what they are waiting for and......
 visasmallOne of the liveliest bandsdavid
              The first of several Bands and the winners of the previous day’s competition.
visasmallThe Patriots, Bristol RI July 4david 
One of the Patriot bands and..                                                                                                        
visasmallVery nice turnout, well controlled!david
...a very smart turnout, one of the commercial ones.
visasmallOne of the smartest bands on the 4 July paradedavid
One of the smartest bands on parade and....
 visasmallLake City Tiger Band, winners of the band competition, July 4 Bristol RIdavid
                                    .....one of the most showy.
July 5 and we have had an easy day visiting the Herreshoff Museum, with it’s history of a fantastically successful era of sail and steam, the America’s cup, especially Reliance and a hawk that just happened to come into the museum while we were there.  Then a farewell drink on Alcedo for all our English, Scottish, American and Dutch friends on the Rally who have made it so much fun and who are going north while we go south.
visasmallCooper's Hawk in the Herreshof museumdavid
A Hawk in the Herreshoff Museum, possibly a Cooper’s or a Sharp Shinned. 
 visasmallThe one sixth scale model of Reliance being built at the Herreshoff workshop,david
                               The model of Reliance in the Herreshoff workshop
visasmallDrinks on Alcedo after the Rallydavid
Last night of the Rally for us, from the left: Jinny, Francis, Julian, Stuart, JW and...
 visasmallLast eveing in Bristol on Alcedodavid
                        .....Ron, Ineke (almost hidden) and Rob
It is time to give our livers a rest, so Newport tomorrow for a couple more houses and then back to back down Long Island Sound to New York and beyond.   We will miss our new friends.