Wednesday, 22/01/2014. Marin, Martinique 14.27.89N 60.52.48W.

David Batten
Wed 22 Jan 2014 23:46
Monday, 20/01/2014, Petite Anse D’Arlets,  After an uneventful passage round the Cap Salomon, we arrived in Anse D’Arlet and were very pleased to pick up one of the buoys (funded by the EU) with the Handy Duck very successfully.  First time we have used it and if worked a treat.  It then took us another hour to sort out protection for the rope used to attach the boat to the buoy with the usual “why don’t we” comments from the Skipper’s wife that the skipper is so keen to ignore.  Anyway, after much messing about in the dinghy and providing much entertainment for the French onlookers, we did a good job and left the boat for a snorkel round the rocks.  Not the best, but we did see some very attractive cuttlefish.  The afternoon walk around this very pretty village proved to be very timely as we were lucky enough to find a local fisherman in the process of cutting up and selling fresh Marlin, which he had clearly just bought in.  5 euros worth provided the most delicious supper and enough for lunch the following day as well.  N.B. it has not rained for 2 days now!!
The Village at Petite Anse d'Arlet         
Continuing with our walk, we saw cattle farming Martinique style,
Farming Martinique Style
with some cows....
and what a very fine bull
...and a very fine bull.
Alcedo in the evening light at Petite Anse d'Arlet
Alcedo in the evening light.
Tuesday, 21/01/2014.  This is such a peaceful place and the buoy seems to be well up to Alcedo’s size, that we decide to stay another day, shopping in the morning at the bakery and small provisions shop, snorkelling on the other side of the bay and walking in the afternoon.  We are lucky again and find a farm truck selling the most wonderful avocados for 1 euro a piece on our way to the coastal path.    
View of Anchorage at Petite Anse d'                  
View of the anchorage at Petite Anse D’Arlets from the west of the bay.
Wednesday, 22/01/2014.  Cul-du-Sac du Marin.   The absence of rain did not last long and we had to close the hatches during the night/early morning for quite a heavy shower.  It was fine by the time we let go of the buoy and set off for a beat to Marin where we want to buy some new engine filters and other bits and pieces as well as some French wine and cheese.  As beating goes, it was quite harmless and we arrived in the Cul-de-Sac in good time for lunch.  It is a really pretty place until you get to the head of the bay, when it could be the Hamble or Cowes on a busy summer weekend!
The Hamble of Martinique
The Hamble of Martinique, with 2 marinas and masses of anchored yachts.
Just a few of the yachts at anchor in Marin
Just a few of the yachts at anchor!
In the huge bay of Marin, it could be up an English River
The area is really very attractive away from the Marinas and parts of it could be Falmouth on a sunny bank holiday.
We did a bit of an explore but failed to find more than one filter so far, but lots of chandlers to visit still and we have sussed out the Carrefour and Leader Price.  Both have a slightly disappointing selection of white wine!!  We will be here for another 2 days now, so hope to achieve boat and provisioning requirements.