The last week, we are now back in Las Palmas

David Batten
Sat 3 Aug 2013 19:26
We have been very lax about the blog, so now over a week behind, but we have been to Tenerife and back and had Sally's sister Jo and nieces, Jessica and Alice On board for a week.

Up bright and early (06.00) on the 24th July to make sure we do the beat round La Isleta before the wind gets up.  Very odd wind in the Marina so leaving was not quite as easy as we thought it would be, but no mishaps.  Very light winds to start with, but in the end a cracking good sail with the wind 60 degrees off the nose, 2 reefs and full genoa.  Arrival at Santa Cruz Marina was uneventful apart from rejecting the first, very tight berth we were offered in a half empty marina.  We ended up with masses of space on the pontoon next to the wall by the ferry terminal, where unfortunately they were doing some renovations requiring production of considerable quantities of dust.  However, in spite of the noise of the ferries, the dust and the impression of living in a building site, the marina is deep, safe and convenient and the marina staff, when they are there, very helpful.
One of the possible anchorages being used as a surf beach.

Tenerife is not a good island to take a large yacht for sailing around unless you want to go onto Las Palmas Island or La Gomera, as it has virtually no safe anchorages and the other marinas are all quite small apart from San Miguel. 
The 20 somethings doing what they like best (possibly but only just, after shopping!)
However, it is a beautiful place, particularly the north and central areas of national parks and we did have one comfortable night in the Bahia de Antequera.
We, that is those that are 60 or thereabouts decided to go for an  explore on this beach and were rather casual about landing with the consequence that the dinghy was rolled over in the surf and the contents liberally spread over the sea bed.  Fortunately most things and people were recovered, net loss one pair of dark glasses! The 20 somethings were unaware of this adventure until we started washing sand out of everywhere!
The wind and swell continued to rise so we had a hasty return to Santa Cruz.
Santa Cuz is an excellent base as it is in the much more attractive North and provides a safe base to leave the boat and explore inland.  The shopping is second to none for both the twenties and older generations, with shops like Mango and Zara (not known to us, but recommended by the nieces) offering great clothes at well reduced prices.  The ITSA buses run an excellent service all round the Island and to the various beeches and the marina staff will organise car hire.  It is packed with restaurants of all prices and the bars offer a wide variety of Tapas.  There is a lovely market and supermarkets within easy walking distance of the Marina.

We hope the visitors enjoyed a good mix of varying entertainment and the highlight for all of us was undoubtedly meeting a local family who were kind enough to give us supper in their lovely house in Santa Cruz.  Thank you so much Julia and Andres, it was the icing on the cake for us and we do hope our paths will cross again.

Alice had to leave Wednesday to return to work, after one last afternoon on a beech, Jo and Jessica on the Friday after exploring La Laguna and walking in Anaga.
The centre of La Laguna is well worth a visit, this is the former Bishops House.
  We set off early this mornings for Las Palmas, Gran Canary as there is a windy weekend in the offing according to the Grib file from Weather Track.  We made 8 to 9 knots to start with the wind 60 degrees off the nose (again), although the wind died as we approached Las Palmas, only to increase immediately on arrival to make parking the boat more exciting as usual.  With the help of our very kind Austrian neighbour, no mishaps, but all very nerve wracking and still in the "must do better" category.