Alcedo Blog, 15/06/2013. 29.13.09N 13.31.73W

David Batten
Sat 15 Jun 2013 19:13
After reducing sail to 3rd reef in the main and no headsail, we still made good progress at about 6 knots and arrived off Isla de Alegranza at about 3.20am. David made a note in the log at 04.10 to say he was through the gap between Alegranza and Isla de Montana Clara. He and Anthony jibed at about 04.30 am and from then on we made slow progress South to the bottom end of Isla Graciosa. The whole crew was up to see the dawn and keep careful watch on the GPS and radar to mark our entry into Playa Francesa as daylight broke.

Lovely place, good walk, bird watching and sunshine. Crew happy, siesta followed by jobs and gin and supper of fresh veg and fish from the freezer. No visits from Authorities to send us on yet and we are the only boat in the anchorage, sailing heaven.


PS. Happy Birthday Sue for tomorrow in case you don't get the email.
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