Alcedo Blog, 25 June 2013, 27.44.74N 15.37W

David Batten
Tue 25 Jun 2013 20:55
We had a much longer stay at Rubicon than planned as it continued to blow unnecessarily hard and we did not feel the need to endure a rough ride on our first overnight sail with just the two of us. It also enabled us to patch the damage to the paint work on the bow and enjoy the local "market" that happens every Saturday and Wednesday in Rubicon. More tourist tack than anything worth having, but fun none the less.

Our departure was much more proficient than our arrival and we set off with the standard three reefs in the main and full genoa without mishap. For those of you impressed by Alcedo's ability to take short cuts across the land, please forgive our idleness in not recording the Lat and Long of the corners we go round, or else have fun in imagining a set of wheels appearing when needed for short cuts!

We had a fast night's sailing with the wind on the beam or just aft of the beam and an exciting watch crossing the shipping lane between Fuerteventura and Gran Canary, not quite at 90 degrees, so being very careful to avoid any shipping. The only ship that could have been a problem very kindly altered course in such good time that no avoiding action was needed. Well ahead of our daylight arrival ETA, we were discussing reefing the genoa when the wind dropped and we shook out the reefs instead and sailed slowly to the anchorage just off Pasito Blanco as dawn broke.

After a shower, sleep and breakfast, we called up the Marina and dealt with the paperwork and stern to mooring (after sailing in the Med for so long, not too much of an issue), then tidy up and wash down the boat. The boat definitely has more care and attention than the home in Ryme has ever had.

The rest of the day was spent with Claire and Dan and Dan's wonderful family. Lunch was a feast and their hospitality beyond anything we could deserve or expect, thank you so much all of you.

Today has been boat maintenance, laundry and shopping, thank you again Claire and Dan. Tomorrow, all being well, north to Las Palmas with a crew!


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