Monday, 4 May 2015. Warderwick Cay. 24.23.66N 76.38.11W

David Batten
Mon 4 May 2015 20:21
As can be seen from our Lat and Long, we are still in Warderwick Cay with the wind still NE 16 to 25 knots and not looking any better today or tomorrow morning.  By afternoon, if we are lucky, it will moderate and veer more easterly and then south easterly, so we are keeping our fingers crossed we can go either late tomorrow morning or Wednesday, by which time it will probably be light and variable, but who knows.  So more walking and partying, really fun late yesterday afternoon and evening courtesy of the wardens and police and other yachts, when we were invited to join their gathering in the wardens’ house for a great mixture of dishes, beer, rum and music.  We are so lucky to be weather bound in such a great place.
So more photographs of Cuba.
visasmallMountains on the East side of Cuba, Baracoa tripdavid
Crossing the mountains on the way to Barracoa, where the locals sell coffee and cocoa at the view points.  We stopped between the view points to take pictures and managed to buy cocoa from a charming young man, for no doubt well more than we should have, but without the hassle and bargaining that we would otherwise have had to face.
visasmallHazadous crossing for a family of pigs on the mountain road to Baracoadavid
A hazardous crossing for this family of pigs on the mountain road to Baracoa.
visasmallSunshine and showers, road to Baracoadavid
Sunshine and showers as we approach Baracoa, having come down from the mountains and...
visasmallBaracoa's town signpostdavid
.....the signs are very clear for when you have arrived.
6 o'clockes on the roof top of terrace of our Casa in Baracoa
After a long drive, we could not stay in the Casa that Bill and Barbara recommended because it was full, but the owner rang his nephew who had a room and here we are enjoying a beer on his roof top terrace.
visasmallThe town centre, Baracoadavid
The centre of Baracoa, with pedestrian walkways and well kept buildings
visasmallPuerto de Baracoa with El Yunque in the distancedavid
The actual port of Baracoa, with El Yunque in the background. We thought initially it would be a nice place to take the boat, but it was quite shallow and it would not have been safe to leave her and explore, so we are glad it is no longer a port of entry.
visasmallView over Baracoa, looking north eastdavid
View over Baracoa, looking north.
Probably more photographs already than the internet connection can cope with, so will sign off.