Saturday, 30 November. 19.34.08N. 29.12.43W

David Batten
Sat 30 Nov 2013 21:54
Friday pm.   After the incident of the errant saloon table, we had a night of squalls with rain, with some good sailing and some pretty awful sailing.  The nights are so dark with the cloud cover and the wind so variable, it has been very difficult to steer a good course.  Venetia did have an excellent sail and handed over to Jane saying "I'm sorry to tell you this, but we need to reduce sail".  It was blowing 27 knots.

Saturday.  Venetia's birthday and the weather certainly seems to favour her with regards to wind speed and direction.  However, she has got as wet as the rest of us on watch and we all agree we have never experienced such rain for so long when sailing.   ARC Rally control have sent us an email giving details of the squall line, but we are already in it and not in a position to avoid it, so we are just getting wet.  We had a good Southerly with a touch of East in it, so we made good progress to the South West and are now South of our turning point, but still 50 miles east of it.  Now we are in the tiresome position of head winds, mainly light and variable, with a big and confused sea and heavy rain showers.  Yuk!

On a better note, the crew have remained remarkably cheerful and Venetia's birthday has been celebrated with some small presents from the crew and her husband.  Since he took control of their internet banking, Anthony has apparently bought a Ferrari which she assumes is another present from him and which he is now running in for her.  She has already taken delivery of a very smart iPad!  An excellent cake made by her sister Sarah was produced at tea time, after which the crew are almost too full for supper.  The girls are keeping up their morale by telling jokes while the boys are trying to make some progress on deck.  The girls are also giving the men the benefit of their opinion on engine use and have reminded them of the flight dates from St Lucia.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow,



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