5 June, 2015. Sheffield Island, Norwalk. 41.03.00N 73.25.27W

David Batten
Mon 8 Jun 2015 00:23
3rd June.  Sunshine and clouds and still very cold.  We have had the duvets out for several days and the K-Hs are very glad they have bought gillets and jerseys.  No thoughts of tanning or air conditioning.  We motored to windward again, with the Garmin autohelm doing the steering while we huddled under the spray hood, venturing out at intervals to make sure we are not going to hit anything.  By 2.00 o’clock we are on the jetty of the Norwalk Yacht Club with Kitty and Scott, in separate cars so the boys can go exploring with Scott, while the girls get taken to a supermarket and wine store by Kitty for a major stock up while we have the use of wheels to carry it back to the boat.  We can’t thank them enough for making life so easy and putting themselves so willingly at our disposal.  Then, to cap it all, we go to their house for the most lovely supper with them and to meet Dick and Robin, great friends of theirs that we are going to get along with, “guaranteed” and we certainly do. 
visasmallSouth Norwalk from the Mooring buoydavidvisasmallNorwalk Yacht Clubdavid
South Norwalk from our mooring buoy.                                                                                           Norwalk Yacht Club where we were made to feel  most welcome
visasmallLooking upriver at Norwalkdavid
Looking up the river at Norwalk from  the Yacht Club pontoon.
The following morning we were treated to a presentation of Scott and Kitty’s second circumnavigation, which apart from a very impressive demonstration of what yachting round the world should be like, inspired us to hope that we might experience some of the wonderful places they went to and the people they encountered.  After a delightful lunch at the Rowayton Pizza, we say a reluctant goodbye and leave the Yacht Club for Sheffield Island and an evening walk.
visasmallWith Scott and Kitty outside the Rowaton PizzadavidAnchored off Shelter Island, Norwalk in the background
Outside the Rowayton Pizza with Scott and Kitty.                                                                          Alcedo anchored off Sheffield Island, Norwalk in the background.
It turns out that the Island is closed to visitors, but the two young stewards are very apologetic and say we can walk between the water and the high tide mark, which we do until we come to a ruin and forget ourselves.  Caught red handed by the girls, we grovel and end up asking them to supper on the boat, great fun and very nice to have some young on board.
visasmallThe Skipper walking on Shelter Island with a boat hookdavidvisasmallVenetia on Shelter Islanddavid
The skipper walking on Sheffield Island with a boat hook picked up on the beach.                          Venetia walking below the high tide mark, dressed for the cold......
visasmallAnthony on Shelter IslanddavidvisasmallOsprey on Shelter Islanddavid
...while Anthony is determined to pretend it is warm enough for shorts.                                       One of a pair of Ospreys nesting on the Island.
visasmallThe Skipper is very happy entertaining Delanie, middle and Kirkland, Shelter Island Wardensdavid
The Skipper is very happy entertaining Delanie (middle and from Pennsylvania) and Kirkland, from South Carolina, who were stewards for the Island this summer.
Tomorrow we are aiming for a place called Jefferson and then Duck Island, which will give us a hitch up to Noank, where we are planning a lobster dinner and need to arrive in good times.  The wind is still dead on the nose and very cold and the tide is against us all morning, so making progress up Long Island Sound is not proving quick and easy.