Blog 30. Hiva Oa. 09.48.23S 139.01.86W

David Batten
Mon 21 Mar 2016 06:29
Saturday 19/03/16.  We finally made it, Saturday morning, rain clouds over the Island and in particular over our destination and the Skipper so tired he would not even roll out more sail as we ploughed our way slowly towards Baie Taaoa and Atuona as dawn broke and the land loomed ever larger.  We are definitely getting too old for 3000 miles at sea, but at least we have made it and before the rest of the fleet, even if we have used the engine more than most, and we had some Dolphins to welcome us as we reached the bay.  It was lovely to hear Claire's voice welcoming us on the VHF and to drop anchor after 3 times round the bay to find the right spot.  It is quite tight in the designated anchorage and not all the boats had stern anchors out, but we managed a really good spot close to the dinghy dock and the WARC office.  So we are the only boat in and Claire was on the slippery dinghy dock to greet us when we had breakfast and sorted out the laundry.  Formalities dealt with, plus we hope to have arranged car hire for tomorrow and in the meantime, we retire for much much needed sleep, followed by showers and dinner in the smartest restaurant in town. 

Tomorrow, anything goes, whether it be cleaning the boat or exploring the Island, which is quite stunning with shear pinnacles, fabulous tree lined slopes, blue water bays and pretty birds.


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