Fw: Thursday,22/04/2015. Photograph Update from the Bahamas. 23.46.16N 76.07.04W

David Batten
Sat 25 Apr 2015 12:54
Thanks to the guests, Tom and Mary, who arrived in George Town, Great Exuma Island, with a new charger for the skipper’s laptop, we can at last put some photographs on the blog, so this is a photograph update.   Probably not of interest to anyone but family and friends, you have been warned!
Doing the utterly tourist “thing” of swimming with dolphins at Ocean World.  We loved it!!
Dolphin Hug, OC
The Skipper’s wife hugging a dolphin and.....
Dophin Kiss
The Skipper getting a dolphin kiss.
Sadly, the one of the Skipper’s wife being propelled forwards and upwards by the two dolphins and standing upright while speeding through the water did not get transferred to the disc at Ocean World. 
Arriving off the coast of Cuba at dawn after sailing north while waiting for the dawn, the welcome sight of the lighthouse off the entrance to Puerto de Vita.
The lighthouse off the entrance to Puerto de Vita
Quite an impressive lighthouse, but it had no light.
visasmallFeeling our way up the entrance channel to the marina, Puerto de Vitadavid
Then the bliss of quiet waters as we felt our way up the completely protected channel up to the marina at Puerto de Vita
visasmallTeasa anchored in Puerto de Vitadavid
Yacht Teasa, from Brazil, with Daniel and Angela, in the anchorage, Puerto de Vita and..........
The Marina at Puerto de Vita
....the marina at Puerto de Vita.
visasmallThe Marina office at Puerto de Vitadavid
The Marina office at Puerto de Vita.
visasmallBullocks and cart, mare and foal, village green, Pueto de Vita villagedavid
Bullock cart and mare with foal on the village green, Puerto de Vita.
Cattle farming in Cuba
Cattle ranch, middle of nowhere, between Puerto de Vita and a beech, Angela, Daniel and Skipper’s wife walked to.
Daniel from yacht Teasa on our walk to a beach
Daniel trying to find a way across an inlet to the beach beyond.
Part of our walk to the beach from Puerto de Vita
The skipper’s wife crossing the inlet to the beach beyond and...
visasmallAngela from yacht Teasa starting to wade across from one shore to anotherdavid
Angela wading across the inlet, very shallow water at this point!!
Have to stop now for showers and 6 o’clockses as it is now 6.45 and we have a birthday celebration on board.  More of Cuba to follow when time allows!