Safety Check and New Friends. The Wall, Las Palmas Marina, Tuesday 12 Nov. 28.07.54N 15.25.49W

David Batten
Tue 12 Nov 2013 08:59
Forgot to say in the last blog that Friday night's entertainment included some very talented and sensual pole dancing from 2 male members of the group, while female members looked on, as well as some fantastic acrobatics on hanging sheets. Such awesome core stability and upper body strength and very good muscle definition.

The Wall is where the largest and most expensive boats are parked, a sort of millionaire's alley and wow, are there some big yachts so we are rather out of place but happy to be here. It is also the easiest place for visitors to find and a favourite promenade venue for the locals, so quite public.

The crew will be happy to hear that we passed our safety check without problems except for needing a light and a whistle on one of the life buoys and 2 more parachute flares. The RORC pack is not up to the ARC spec! Oh and Jane needs to put her full name and hood on her life jacket, the boat ones passed muster.

The rest of the day was spent on rigging and starting a study on where to get the best stores to ensure recipe ingredients are purchased and the stores are not found wanting. Cortes Ingles has pretty much everything, but could not locate popadums, Venetia please note. The first sundowner was free wine and beer, but no food left by the time we reached the serving area. Must get to the trough earlier next time. We did meet up with James and Dick from Arcarius and Steve from Starla and also Thomas and his son from Skara Brae, who we met in July. We also walked back with Steve and Maria from Aspen. Just to clarify, the boat is called Aspen and they do come from Colorado. They are great company and very experienced sailors, who know the Caribbean and Trinidad well, so we hope to spend more time with them.

Today, we are hoping the sail maker will appear with the sails and Victor will have the bent pin back so we can try and reinstate the locking pin, otherwise we will continue with one of the original design. Plus more reconnoitring on the provisions front and more socialising. Tonight's sundowner is a soft drinks and fruit juice sampling, very good for the liver!


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