Log 4b. Heading for Santa Marta. 12.31.54N 72.01.86W

David Batten
Tue 19 Jan 2016 12:06
Wednesday 13 Jan.  Last night brought some very frustrating conditions, with variable winds, an inconsistent sea and difficult conditions for anyone trying to steer a reasonably straight course.  With a bit of grumbling from Ship’s Boy, know as “Toad” on these occasions, we decided not to risk the jury rigged pole, so sacrificing speed for safety, we took the pole down.  Eventually the winds died enough to warrant the use of the iron topsail, so Skipper and Skipper’s wife could relax after some hours of worry of involuntary gybes or broaching on the odd occasions when the wind suddenly increased in some random direction.  Come daybreak, 2.7 nm north of the rum line, we were able to sail with full main and genoa with the wind just aft of the beam with the wind SE to ESE.  Lovely, but too lovely to last!!!
By about 12.00 the wind changed to ENE, so we are no longer making our course, but we have taken the precaution of developing the jury rig for the pole again, so will set it if conditions allow.  The wind has increased to 20 knots and further increase is expected, so we will need to consider our options carefully.  Arrival time in Santa Marta is currently 07.00 and reducing.  Not sure we want to arrive in the dark.  So from too little wind to too much wind, from a direction we really wanted last night but don’t want today as ever, sailors are like farmers, never happy with the weather!!!!