Car hire and day trip to the 'other end'

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Wed 6 Mar 2019 00:00
In Ocean Reef Resort
We had put off hiring a car for a day but have no idea why. There is a ‘boater’s car’ permanently on site at Ocean Reef along with a number of more recent hire cars for the time share owners and guests. The ‘boaters’ car’ is not that difficult to spot as it has a slightly more battered appearance and thus is hired at a cheaper rate. They know that we need to go and have propane tanks filled and sling all sorts of stuff into such vehicles so the system works well and is appreciated.
Rather than go it alone we invited our neighbours in the marina to accompany us as they knew the island well having been back here for a number of years. But before embarking on the 40-50 mile trip to the eastern end of Grand Bahama we called into the brewery to collect some beer and spirit supplies followed by a trip to the large supermarket. After dumping that lot back onboard we were off to our first stop which was the 2000 acre Lucayan National Park situated around 15 miles to the east of Ocean Reef. Much of the park of which only 40 acres is on dry land is covered by wetlands and mangroves and includes some interesting caves. Much of the cave system is underwater and underground and is in fact one of the largest underwater cave sites in the world. Such caves always have an eerie feel about them, maybe due to the thought of getting trapped in the system with no air in your dive tanks!
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After walking through the mangroves on an elevated boardwalk in the park we found the beautiful beach at low tide within the Lucayan National Park...
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It was time for some lunch and refreshments and after driving a few miles further east we found this excellent beachside bar with just the four of us and another table of guests enjoying the fabulous views. The food was excellent as well and we’d go back another time given the opportunity.
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We couldn’t resist making friends with some local canines – daddy & puppy who soaked up all the attention we could give them.
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Following the lunch stop it was off to another beach – Grand Bahama is just one 60 mile long beach, mostly deserted as the island becomes more sparsely populated as you drive further east.
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Finally to the far eastern end of the island where there is a thriving holiday bone fishing enterprise in full swing. People pay enormous sums of money to stay in the Bahamas at exclusive bone fishing resorts or lodges to fish for these tricky to catch fish – then they put them back again. They are not that edible – the name ‘bonefish’ might give it away as to why!
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And that was our grand day out.