In Carolina Beach

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 17 Nov 2013 15:59
In position 34:02.95N, 077:53.35W
Spent Saturday evening anchored in Carolina Beach, listening to the waves crash on the beach behind the shoreline houses and condos.
Good progress so far with no glitches to speak of. However, frustration at one of the opening bridges which we could easily have made on time had the tiny motor boat we and another yacht were closely following in the fog told us he didn't need the bridge to open. It was too dangerous for either of us to overtake in the conditions but presumed anyway that the motor boat was also transiting through the bridge which only opens on the hour. Our concerns were raised when it became obvious we were all not going to make the opening in time, except that the little motorboat merely lowered it's small mast and pottered under the closed bridge leaving two very frustrated yacht crews in its wake having to anchor for 45 minutes for the next opening!!! Grrrrr !!