Pesky Starlings

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Tue 27 Oct 2009 22:22
We are still in Solomons but are now stocked up and ready to move on. Whilst the wind was favourable today the predicted rain arrived overnight so instead of an early start dressed in foul weather gear ready to do battle with the elements we took the soft option and laid in bed with a cup of tea knocking off a few more chapters of our chosen reading material. The heaters were on, we were warm and cosy watching through the front windows at the departure of more hardy cruisers heading out into the Chesapeake. 'Good luck to them'  we said as we sipped at the day's first cuppa.
Yesterday we sat in the saloon in heated Scrabble combat whilst American starlings regularly dropped their bomb load of pips and squidge as they approached our masthead. They are just like the British starlings that we grew to loathe when fitting the boat out in Hayling Island - a blooming nuisance. Our deck and bimini is covered with the remains of whatever they have recently been eating,  and of course the seeds go straight through them as well, making a sharp noise as they hit our decks and canvas. If that wasn't enough one caught Skip straight on the back of his jacket yesterday as we were preparing to go ashore, meaning a slight delay as No 2 removed what looked to be the remnants of undigested gooseberry juice. The Swines!
Maybe off tomorrow (if it's stopped raining).