About to depart La Coruna

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 28 Sep 2008 18:39
They say that ships and men (and not forgetting our good wives these days) rot in port. I don't think we are actually rotting just yet but its very easy to become too settled and start to become part of the marina scenery. So it's time to move on once more and head towards Cape Finnistere and make our way southwards towards Portugal. Our memories of La Coruna are many and varied - the marina showers and toilets (now completely blocked as I write this) where the lights go out on the timer switch leaving you fumbling for a light switch in the dark with wet hands. The washing machine that doesn't work (did it ever?), the constant comings and goings of yachts all having crossed Biscay by various routes and having encountered various weather conditions on the way, the interesting town itself built on a peninsula with narrow streets with the closed white balcony facades giving the town a very distinct look.But it's people that make places, and so we will remember Jan on his Fontaine Pajot Mahe called "CUTS". Jan only collected the boat new from the factory a week or so ago and was busy fitting all the extra equipment for his trip to the Med along with his son Daniel and a friend. We had a couple of interesting evenings together and we hope to meet up with them in Porto. Other people of note have been our next door neighbours who have spent the last 4 days trying in vain to unblock the holding tank on their Bavaria 38. Early in the morning and under cover of darkness one or the other could be seen (and smelt) prodding and poking around with limited success. (And we thought we had left the idiosyncrasies of Bavarias behind us) So when all is said and done La Coruna is a very friendly comfortable place to be - but there's much to see elsewhere and we need to move on to escape the gradual onset of the northern winter. Brrrrrr.