Westward with the Pizza and Noodle Express - In position 20:48.73N, 069:07.50W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 11 May 2009 19:50
All ok onboard. Another sunny day greeted us after a few squalls during the night (on Nikki's watch) and a myriad of shipping passing us going in all directions. Most notably the  900ft 'Disney Magic' again on Nikki's watch, heading for St Maarten (early warning for St Maarten - they're on the way guys) no doubt with it's young charges all tucked up in bed with their complimentary cuddly toys,  having heard the night's sleepy-bo-bo story over the ship's tanoy! It's one of the joys of having the AIS system of ship identification we have on Ajaya, although with super-sized caricatures of the famous Disney Mouse plastered on each funnel we feel that it hardly needs any other form of identification. We suspect the ship's radio officer has a torrid time with anonymous VHF calls asking if they can speak to Mickey if not - is Goofy there?
We've now settled back into life at sea once more, although 2 more days will see us off the Caicos Islands for some R & R. Our diet has been supplemented by the purchase of some pre-cooked pizza bases in St Thomas so we are busy cooking varieties of pizza. Last night the boat smelt like Sloppy Joes Pizza Palour as No 2 created her new signature dish - A Caribbean Sardine and Olive Special  Also whilst we were in Barbados the Skipper couldn't resist buying up some 'chicken flavoured' pot noodles at 35 cents each, which had gone past their squawk-by date but were really cheap!. So these pot noodle tubs have formed the backbone of Skippers recent nocturnal eating habits - usually at about 0300 in the morning, so by 0600 when no 2 arrives on watch the ghastly stench of a dried up polystyrene pot noodle container greets her. However, last night was the final pack. No more in the bilge to look forward to in the wee small hours. Back to the cheese and crackers - but alas we have no Wensleydale.