1200 on 7/3/09 in position 20:00.00N, 25:24.00W - En-route to Cape Verde.

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sat 7 Mar 2009 15:00
All ok onboard - Having got off to a flying start last Sunday/Monday we had made good progress until yesterday when the usually boisterous & reliable trade winds decided to blow somewhere else other than where we are. With 2000 miles still to go to Barbados and with hardly a sparrows breath to get us there we have reluctantly decided to drop 200 miles south to Mindelo on Sao Vicente in the Cape Verde Islands situated 300 miles west of Senegal. With light winds predicted for the coming week it makes little sense to bob up and down expending diesel. Another reason for this decision is that Phil has developed a problem molar which, with 15-20 days still to go before we reach Barbados it could become rather more painful unless Nurse Hoskins gets her hands on the Captains pliars and wrenches. Hopefully there will be some dental facilities in Mindelo to cater for his need although between now and then the imagination will no doubt run riot over just exactly what sort of facilities to expect! We shall see!! It certainly makes a change - in the past it has been Nikki's teeth in need of dental attention.