Deltaville - June 13th - 37:33.69N, 076:20.16W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Fri 19 Jun 2009 21:25
An unhappy sky, thunder & lightening chased us out of the anchorage at East River early in the morning.  Weather forecasts are abundant in this part of the world & there is no excuse for not knowing what to expect although it is strange that it always seems to be blowing from the opposite direction! The forecaster must be so tired of predicting "showers & thunder storms", we even cheered when he said only "showers" the other day!
It wasn't very nice in the Bay, lumpy & wet so we called it a day at Deltaville near the mouth of the Rappahannock River.  We'd planned to go into Fishery Bay on the south side but that was another shoal detour so we slowly felt our way in through the very narrow & shallow channel to Jackson Creek. The Ocean Cruising Club (of which we are members) had held a rally here the previous week.  We did wonder if any of the boats were still about but only spotted one supporting the "Flying Fish" burgee which was empty - hopefully we will make one of the meetings later in the year.
The Creek was a little haven of tranquillity, spoilt only briefly by the odd jet skier & ski boat who soon tired of annoying the anchored boats. There are several little marinas & boat yards with nicely appointed houses nestled on the tree lined banks.  For those of you who have sailed the South coast of the UK the Chesapeake can be likened to a very large Solent with many Newtown Creeks & Beaulieu Rivers!  After the rain stopped we walked ashore down (don't laugh) Lovers Lane for about a mile. This peaceful tree lined country lane lead to the main street. The "shops" here in the remote places can be very spread out for miles, few people walk, hence few paths. We later learnt that a right turn would have been more useful - the left lead to more marinas in another creek.  Returning to the dinghy empty handed we set off to explore the back waters. With a forecast of "showers & thunder storms" & north in the wind direction it seemed sensible to stay put for another day.  A nearby anchored yacht had allowed three of his fellow club members to raft alongside him for the night.  A thunder storm went through in the early hours.  The breakfast entertainment was provided by the said yacht trying to get off the shoal he'd dragged his friends on to - they being smaller were taking it in turns trying to careen him off to no avail.  By the time a large speed boat with two big outboard motors had joined the action a large audience had gathered.  As the boat leaned further over and the sticky black mud released his keel he shot off to much applause. 
A big unhappy sky - New Point Comfort Lighthouse on the "horizon".
Jackson Creek - Ajaya in the background somewhere.
From the dinghy looking back down the creek - yes Ajaya in the background somewhere!
Chinese tonight ..................
From Fishery Bay toward Jackson Creek - that is Ajaya in the background.........
Fishery Bay
The marina in Fishery Bay - the motor boats are parked in aquatic "garages".
Sunset in Jackson Creek.