Great Harbour on Peter Island 18:21.44N, 64:34.82W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 3 May 2009 23:41
Having left the Baths behind we visited Machineel Bay & Dead Man's Bay (great name) before finding a nice spot to anchor in Great Habour, Peter Island. This is a large bay with no facilities of any kind that are open, hence there were only a scattering of yachts sharing the bay overnight. Presumably those that had someone that could actually cook onboard!
The weather was more settled now and we had an almost Mediterranean night where the wind dropped away to nothing with barely a ripple on the water. The only blot on the landscape being a very large rusty barge moored at the entrance which could have been a little off-putting to those seeking one of natures unspoilt beauty spots. By now we had decided to pay a quick visit to the USVI's which are part of the same archipelago but part of the USA's territory for which we would be needing our visas obtained in Barbados.So the plan would be to re-visit Sopers to collect our gas bottle which was being filled and then clear out at Great Harbour (Yes another one) on Jost Van Dyke before sailing 3 miles over to enter the USVI's at Cruz Bay on the Western side of St Johns. Oh the best laid plans of mice, men and the couple on Ajaya.