Anchored in Charlotte Amalie - St Thomas 18:20.16N, 64:55.50W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Thu 7 May 2009 23:56
We enjoyed a good downwind sail from Coral Bay for 17 miles, arriving in the main harbour Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas last Tuesday afternoon. Two very wet dinghy rides ashore, as the wind is causing quite a fetch in the harbour and we now have our provisions onboard for the trip to the USA mainland. However, the tropical depression mentioned earlier is persisting and causing a breakdown of the usual tradewinds pattern. Our current weather is grey overcast skies, windy with regular dollops of heavy rain to keep us running around the boat opening and closing hatches. Today (Thurs) the rain is playing silly games. Starting and then stopping a few minutes later when we have charged round shutting the open hatches!
The town of Charlotte Amalie has some beautiful little backstreet alleyways with lots of Danish influence remaining from the times when these islands were ruled by Denmark before being sold to the USA for 25 Million pounds in the 1700s. St Thomas is by comparison with the other islands quite developed and is the location where visiting cruise ships visit the USVIs. In three days however we have only seen one ship - Carnival Glory visit. Another feature of the harbour is the scheduled seaplane service to the other islands, and as yet the novelty of seeing these planes take off and land in the anchorage has yet to wear off. The anchorage is also full of cruising boats, more than we have seen in any other location since St Maarten or English Harbour, many looking to move away from the hurricane zone once the present spell of unsettled weather has cleared. So we are unlikely to be alone on our voyage north.