Moving On...

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Thu 14 Nov 2013 16:07
Bbbbrrrrrr - It's chilly!! Who would think at 35N it could be so cold. Well, we don't have to think about it - we know, as it snowed last night (Tues) in the late evening and early hours. Alright, they didn't call out the snow ploughs and traffic, such as it is in Oriental wasn't in danger of coming to a standstill.  We would hate to think anyone reading this might get the idea we are in shorts and t-shirts twelve months of the year. The months of October and November are the 'Levi' months. Come December we're usually far enough south to pop those back on the hangers and expose the lily-white legs again. To hasten their re-appearance we are leaving Oriental on Thursday morning to continue our journey southwards to where it may just be a little warmer.
The hardest part of our going (apart from removing the power cord which makes life so much sweeter in the cold) is saying goodbye to the many friends and acquaintances we have made here over recent months. But we will be back sometime in the future.