After 4 Days of Bad Weather we are in Oriental

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 16 Nov 2009 12:37
35:01.37N, 76:41.97W
Dowry Creek just off the Pungo River proved to be an excellent place for sitting out the bad weather over the last few days. The marina was very secure and offered the usual facilities of loan car for shopping, laundry, showers and large customer lounge with its own kitchen and television. There was also a swimming pool which at this time of year is closed. In any case you would need to have a masochistic streak to venture into the chilly water. (10 degrees C)
A real bonus, given we were pretty much stuck for the duration of the storm were the cruising folk that happened to be there sheltering at the same time. The organisers amongst them soon got things going with cocktails on the first night, Pot Luck dinner on the second. A trip to Belhaven to Georgies Oyster Bar where 15 of us trooped into the small place and sat in a long line at the bar tucking into Oysters, Shrimp, crab legs with side orders of 'slaw' (he said lapsing into Americano). And then last night a 'Last Supper' before we all went our separate ways. So despite the awful weather and the various leaks we sprang not helped by large amounts of condensation dripping onto us in bed from our overhead hatches we actually had a good few days and we were all rather sad to be splitting up. Another couple of days and I'm sure we would have added dog walking to the list of activities available at Dowry, as there were 2 largish dogs needing daily exercise. Phil was also offered a serious hair cut should we meet up again with one of the cruisers!
We left the creek at 0645 this morning and headed for Oriental where we have ordered some V Belts for the engines from a local supplier. We passed by this stop on the way up earlier in the year so were keen to see what we had missed, although we wont be here long as the wind continues to be from the north and so favourable for us to continue southwards, however little it may blow. Next stop - Beaufort / Morehead City.
Dowry Creek - after the storm had cleared taken from the office building                     Other 'inmates' sheltering
The pool and customer lounge - no we didn't get through that many bottles!            Looking across the Pungo River