Havana - hooves and wheels

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Thu 2 Jun 2011 14:46
In a country as poor as Cuba routine transport we take for granted in our own country assumes the status of luxury travel as the ownership of a car is the exception rather than the norm. Walking around Havana you would hardly believe this, but the majority of Cubans have to get by with lifts along the roadside, or in the provinces brave the appalling public transport system which means jumping into the back of lorries or onto old Russian made buses. The farmers are nearly always on horseback and this is understandable when you consider the terrain!
Cuba is also well known for its large quantity of 40's and 50's American cars which can be found the length and breadth of the country still getting their owners around (just). Most of the old petrol V8 engines have been replaced by diesels so they don't quite sound right, but they still look the part and many are in stunning condition, others look as though they have been prised from the scrapheap to do another few years service, often as private taxis. Not being up on 40's and 50's AmCars and with many badges no longer apparent we were left (well Phil was) guessing what they were, although Tom had good knowledge of many of the models Phil asked him about. The interiors are a surprise - most have no door trims, carpet or headlinings are long gone and the leather seats in poor condition. Few speedometers register anything that indicates the vehicle is actually moving but there's always a radio to pump out music at full volume. Here are some pics of many cars as well as other forms of transport - mostly taken in Havana district.....
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