In Black Point

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 20 Feb 2011 16:45
In position 24:06.09N, 76:24.10W
We escaped Georgetown to take a 45 mile trip north to Black Point on Great Guana Cay so that we are positioned to meet up with our incoming friends from the UK next Wednesday. Having suffered a week or more of constant NE-ENE winds from 15 to 20 knots anchored in Elizabeth Harbour we were running short of time to get up the coast without taking a hammering out in the Sound and the next window was Monday which we were uncomfortable with, as that forecast had changed over the previous days, so we made the leap yesterday with winds of 15-18 knots on the beam all the way to Farmers Cut which, with impeccable timing, we entered the Banks side on the flood and continued up to Black Point without the rocking and rolling from the short seas in the Sound. We trailed three fishing lines but caught nothing which was a disappointment as we hoped to get some fish in the freezer for the coming week.
The night before we left Georgetown the weather turned foul with which made the wedding on Honeymoon Beach off which we were anchored into a soggy affair, the ceremony being conducted by one of the cruisers we met up with the day before who own a Prout 45. The weather also put paid to what was billed to be the worlds largest (but probably the only) dinghy disco, the plan being to form a large raft of dinghies around a moored motoryacht, with cocktails being passed off the back platform as the raft of dinghies slowly circulated around the host boat all shining lights into the air with go-go dancers, pole dancers etc performing on the decks. Enough said! As we left Georgetown the latest count was at 320 cruising boats all within a one mile sector of the harbour so needless to say the facilities in town were stretched to the limits with wifi virtually impossible to access.
The radio net the morning before we left mentioned that tempers had become very frayed at  the Texas Hold'em Poker tournament with shouting and swearing at the sign-in due to too many wishing to participate for the number of spaces on the tables! God are we glad to be free of G/Town for a while!
Black Point is a haven of tranquillity and we are looking forward to the coming week, revisiting the Exuma Park and some of the nice places that have given us a lot of pleasure in the past weeks. It will be fun to share those experiences with our guests. But we have to return to Georgetown afterwards as our spare part has still to arrive. Hope the place has calmed down by then!