Evening at the 'flicks'

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Thu 7 Jul 2011 17:11
Two locations on the river offer a 'movie night' - we (the Monkey Bay eight) went to the one at Tortugal's marina & restaurant last Friday where Q50 (£4.25) buys you a free pick-up and drop off in the restaurant's launcha, a beer on arrival then a green salad followed by 2 large slices of pizza. (a launcha by the way is a long narrow GRP outboard driven launch for transporting people or goods very quickly -see pic). We then took our seats for the movie. 
This week's offering was 'SALT' starring Angelina Jolie in a rip-roaring action packed thriller about CIA goodies and baddies, with Russian spies, counter spies and under the counter spies, all seeming to have superhuman strength but Ms Jolie, in true Hollywood tradition was stronger than any of them.
Halfway through the film the resident restaurant dog (an interesting breed the name of which escapes us) was wandering around in the dark and in danger of pulling out the speaker wires. Also a very large black bug landed in the middle of the screen where it sat for the remainder of the film occasionally becoming overlaid on various parts of Ms Jolie's anatomy. We must go again one evening.
Off to the movies (thanks for the shirt Tom - fits a treat!)                                                                                         Tortugal's dock.........
....and resident dog (looks ferocious- daft as a brush)                                   Pizza time on an interestingly painted table top!                         Phil thought her hair was a long black snake (Needs new specs)