Little Harbour a little gem

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Thu 14 Jan 2010 15:41
OK it did blow & we didn't get off the boat for a couple of days but it was one of the nicest places to be "stuck".  It was safe & comfortable.  On the local "Cruisers Net" we heard that the one draw in this tiny harbour, Pete's Pub, had decided to close for a few days meaning we were virtually the only boat here.  It also requires a high tide to get in through the entrance & the tides were not playing ball for a day time entry or exit.
In fact an incoming 47 foot yacht went hard aground at the entrance on a falling tide at dusk - skipper jumped into the dinghy to assist. Communications were difficult as the owner was hard of hearing and so advice etc was often not heard on deck unless shouted at full volume! Two trips later back to Ajaya to collect anchors, chain & miles of warp they managed to kedge the boat off by dragging it through the sand bar - the owner & crew shaken by the experience.  Once skip had collected his hardware & seen them into deeper water he realised the draw back of nice secluded anchorages - no guiding lights - in a small dinghy in the dark in a quite large swell left over from the northerlies it was a little scary.  Meanwhile, No 2 was happily baking in the galley when she realised it was pitch black & the boat & dinghy that had been in the entrance were nowhere to be seen. On with the deck lights & VHF & skip was soon guided home if a little cold and wet.  We don't even know the name of the boat - still we'd like to think someone would do the same for us if & when.
Finally we've been ashore & enjoyed the walks - there is nothing here, just the art gallery, the foundry, the pub & a few private residences - plus miles & miles of beach. The harbour provided the inspiration for a sculptor, Randolph Johnston, who settled with his family here 50 years ago.  They built a bronze art foundry to cast their world renown sculptures & jewellery.  His son, Pete, carries on the work along with his two sons today.  In settled weather small boats from the other Cays descend on the harbour to visit the gallery & sample the fare at the pub.
Dusk on arrival pre storm...........                                                                                The dinghy dock......
Now this is better..................                                                                                    Reef at low tide - not for us.................................
Sadly there is still a lot of flotsam - one beachcombers presentation.......                      Skip contemplating the next move.
We've thoroughly enjoyed our first port of call in the Abacos & know it won't be our last visit to Little Harbour ..................................!