1200 on 13/3/09 in position 16:47.68N, 026:27.52W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sat 14 Mar 2009 16:11
All well onboard. Departed Cape Verde yesterday (12th) at 1500 heading for Barbados. Winds are light from NE. Caught another Tuna - much bigger this time as Phil can testify as he had to fight it on the rod. The rear deck looked like Sweeney Todd's cellar after it had been 'despatched'. So its Tuna steaks again for next few days. Last day or so in Mindelo was spent getting more fruit and veg onboard from the local market, being thrown out of a bank when trying to get some money! and having to jerrycan 120 litres of diesel in the dinghy from a roadside filling station next to the 'beach' which was not a pleasent experience for a number of reasons which we wont go into. So it was good to get back out to sea, even if we are making slow progress, although the favourable north equatorial current is lstarting to lend a hand at approx 1 knot in our general direction. Hopefully winds are due to pick up next Weds.