Back in Mogan

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sat 28 Feb 2009 20:28
In position 27:49.00N, 15:45.746W At anchor off Mogan
Well we like the place, as well as other reasons to do with getting work done etc. But as there was no room in the marina the night we arrived we had to anchor under the cliffs, keeping another cat company for the night. It wasn't until 1900 hrs the following day that we were at last able to get a marina berth, so we had to endure a bouncy day in the anchorage surrounded by jetskis, parasending craft and glass bottom ferry boats that seems to take a sadistic pleasure in cutting so close to us to gain maximum effect from seeing their bow wave throw us around. Going ashore in the dinghy presented a challenge, but not half as much as hoisting the engine onto the dinghy in the first place. Previously we had always performed this task in the tranquillity of a marina - out in the anchorage with an onshore breeze our patience was tested to the limit. Anyway we were now back in the marina in almost the same spot as we had previously been allocated, next to a derelict motor cruiser that has been parked with dues unpaid since 2003. Ragged curtains flapped out of the broken windows as we speculated just how many cockroaches it might harbour that fancied a free ride to the Caribbean. No doubt whilst we were asleep they were probably tightrope walking across the lines, suitcases in hand waving goodbye to the old cockroaches who were not up to the trip. Enough to give you nightmares!
Nikki set about stocking up for the Caribbean trip for the 2nd time (or was it 3rd or even 4th). We have been performing nightly culinary miracles with copious amounts of tomatoes, potatoes and cabbages from the previous stock up which were now either sprouting, beginning to go very ripe or just going off - nothing goes to waste on AJAYA.
Last night (Friday 27th Feb) we had the spectacle of 2 tall ships anchored off Mogan for the night, lit up beautifully against the night sky. One we believe was Tenacious the other we couldn't identify, but was possibly the Stavros Niarchos from the Jubilee Sailing Trust. We went ashore for a meal out to the Tortuga restaurant where we had enjoyed a very nice meal on Valentines Day. This was equally as good although we both woke up during the night with raging thirsts from the high garlic content of the mixed seafood platter.
So here we are - ready to set forth across over 2500 miles of ocean starting Sunday 1st March and ending sometime 24+ days later. Hope it all goes well. Wish us luck.
Pic 1 - Ajaya in Mogan, Pic 2 - View from our cabin window in Mogan, Pic 3 - Tall ships anchored off Mogan.