At last - Kuna Yala

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 26 Feb 2012 00:06
In position 09:34.981, 078:52.795
We made one last ditch effort to get to Kuna Yala (San Blas Islands) before the weather was due to get really nasty for a week or so. So left Isla Grande at 0715 this morning to attempt the 42 mile passage eastwards along the Panama coast against prevailing wind and seas. This was not a pleasant trip to say the least as Prouts are not at their best crashing into 2-3 metre waves on a close reach and yes, we did shake the boat and ourselves up in the process. But we're here, anchored behind the Chichime Cays. We are back in one our dream destinations in our own boat having last visited the islands back in 1996. We are quite proud of ourselves in having returned here but still wondering exactly where the piece of sheared stainless steel came from on the rig that was found laying on the deck by the Admiral!! More to follow later.