July 4th - Independence Day

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 11 Jul 2011 20:32
Monday 4th was Independence Day in the USA and was celebrated as always by Americans wherever they may be (with surprise, surprise some non-American hangers on). Pig roast was the meat of choice offered by some of the restaurants, although the proceeds from the event at 'Bruno's' was going to local charities so the MB8 opted to go there.
The pig was donated by Casa Guatemala, also a local charity, however it had been won in a raffle a year back by somebody who didn't want a pig - or maybe couldn't accommodate one on their boat.  So had given it to Casa G where they kept and fed it until last Sunday when it's luck finally ran out and it squealed it's last. It found itself on a newly constructed barbecue where large cuts of the cooked porker were wheeled from the roasting area to the serving table in a barrow. It tasted great and the 'Admiral' naturally offered her allocation to Phil - opting to take just the potato salad and coleslaw (as would be expected on such a special occasion).
A good time was had by all and the Monkey Bayers even collected 3 raffle prizes between us. We scooped a Q100 worth of pizza from the Sun Dog Cafe. Roberta and Steve won a bottle of rum (yo ho ho) and Faye and Kent won a T shirt. 
Not exactly George Town dinghy dock - at least you can park here!                                 Remains of the day - It tasted better than it looked
The serving area                                                                                                                                                      The chomping area
The Monkey Bayers with clean plates                                                                                                                 but Phil couldn't control his ice-cream tub and needed a bib (Roberta's pareo)
Maybe the number of bottles didn't help........................                                                                                      but it was a joint effort !!!
Roll on Thanksgiving!