Crossing the Caicos Bank - in position 21:31.61N, 071:47.17W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sat 16 May 2009 20:23
All ok onboard. We left Cockburn Hbr this morning heading for Providentiales some 40 miles to the west. Our routing was out through Cockburn Hbr entrance into the open sea, southwards down to the end of long Cay and then back through a narrow entrance with reefs either side onto the Caicos Banks. The weather is more settled today although still breezy. We are taking one of the numerous tracks through the Caicos Bank which have been indicated as being clear of dangers. We are of course sticking like glue to our chosen track with the assistance of our GPS not deviating more than a few feet either side of our imaginary line, and have a following wind of between 18-20 knts. We are sailing at 5-6 knts over the ground with just the genoa out in stunningly clear turquoise waters with just 7-8 feet under our keels at times. Quite bizarre!