West End, Grand Bahama

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Wed 9 Jan 2019 21:44
26:42.11N, 078:59.47W
A mixed bag crossing to the Bahamas motoring all the way. We did pull the genoa out for a while when some breeze appeared but made only a marginal improvement in speed. We then encountered an adverse current (as if the Gulf Stream isn’t adverse enough!) when we had 1.5 knots of stream directly against us, that is running east to west. Really frustrating as it meant we were unable to check in on the day of the crossing. We then appeared to pick up something on the port propeller which slowed us even more. Then, as if that wasn’t enough the was a loud bang from below which scared us both to death, only to find the starboard heads glass fibre window trim had dropped onto the floor. The arrival of a small fish was hardly enough to cancel out the maladies of the trip but it will taste good tonight.