Solomon Island - June 15th - 38:19.78N, 076:26.97W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Fri 19 Jun 2009 21:27
Deltaville was a welcome break despite the weather.  The next day dawned calm with winds expected from the south so we upped anchor at day break & headed North.  Many of the passages in the Chesapeake offer little of interest as most of the waters near the land are too shallow to venture close. It was drizzling most of the morning, we had the sails up, then down, one engine on, then the other.  We dodged large container ships & tugs pushing huge barges,  we listened to the VHF chatter between the pleasure boats & punched a foul tide (again!).  After 58 miles we arrived at Solomon Island to anchor for the night in Mill Creek. As this was only a pit stop we hope to come back on our way down to do the place justice as we've heard there is a lot to do & a good museum to visit.
Typical Chesapeake lighthouse marking shoals in the Bay - saw several of these on this run!